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Yabukita Sencha

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This tea is a medium steamed sencha from the Kagoshima prefecture in south Japan. Yabukita is the number one Japanese tea cultivar and it makes great classic sencha!
The teaplants have been covert against direct sunlight 7 days before harvest in order to enhance it’s sweetness.

This particular tea farm uses no pecticides, synthetic fertilizers or whatsoever in the tea gardens for more then 16 years.

The leaves are of a semi uniformed medium length and have a medium/dark shade of green.
On the nose it is grassy with great minerality and citrus notes.
The taste is still grassy with a good balance between mellow fruity sweetness and astringency.

Brewing recommendations:
Leaf: 5g / 130ml H20
Temperature: 70°C
Time: 45 sec
(minimum 3 infusions possible)