PARLOR is half Belgian and half Japanese.
Less than 10 years ago, PARLOR was one of the first in Brussels and Belgium to introduce Matcha drinks and Japanese teas to the Belgian Specialty coffee scene.  Over the years, when I visited my family in Japan, we travelled all over japan to visit and buy green tea directly from the most passionated tea farmers.  The Matcha we buy is always grown pesticide free and from farms who work as sustainable and transparent as possible.  All of our matcha teas ( from culinary up to ceremonial grade ) are fresh from the latest harvest and selected by us for the best possible quality and flavor...and  you will taste the difference in the cup!!
Since we believe it is hard to find fresh and good quality matcha at a reasonable price, especially for wholesale customers, we launched this little wholesale webshop.  If you own or manage a specialty coffee place, a brunch spot, a cocktail bar or a bakery, etc and are in the need of bigger volumes of matcha, we are here to help you guys out!  Also B2C customers are welcome and can order here.
Try our matchas and become a happy customer like already many others ( Barkboy Brussels, Holy Bagels Brussels, Florence Coffee Luxembourg, etc )