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Gokô Kabusecha

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Hoshino village in Yame is nestled in the mountains of southern Fukuoka. The tea fields are stretching out endlessly along clear rivers and lush forests. The area is especially well known for producing spectacular tea.
Mr. Takaki grows sencha, kabuse-cha and gyokuro in a traditional way with great care.

This particular tea is made from the cultivar Gokô. Gokô is widely used for high end gyokuro in Kyoto but is rather rarely used in Yame. Is is a high grade Kabuse-cha, meaning the tea plants have been shaded under straw ( 1 level of shading ) 16 days prior to harvest and are handpicked on uncut teaplants.

The leaves are more or less uniform and are very fine rolled needles.

On the nose it is sweet, mineral and slightly green.
The taste is very rich with umami, ripe fruits and vegetal flavours and is simply wonderfull.

Brewing recommendations:

Leaf: 5g / 100ml H20
Temperature: 60°C
Time: 90 sec
(minimum 3 infusions possible)