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We have been buying coffee from Lourdes de Fatima Souza for some years now. Her son, Thiago, is also working alongside her on the farm, Sitio Sao Pedro. He is young, motivated and interested in fermentation.  He has been doing a lot of small experiments with cherry fermentation at different temperatures before drying the cherries.
For this particular lot they have done an extended fermentation.  They fermented the cherries 
for 72 hours before drying them in the drying box and on the patio.
This lot is extremely sweet and has great tropical fruit and spicy notes. PERFECT for super sweet and creamy espresso!

Region: Brazil, Minas Gerais
Producer: Lourdes de Fatima Souza, Tiago de Fatima Souza
Process: extended natural fermentation
Variety: yellow catuai
Tasting notes: papaya, strawberry yoghurt, brown sugar, cinnamon, fudge brownie