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Region: Brazil, Minas Gerais
Producer: Rosimeire Guerra
Process: natural
Variety: yellow catuai
Tasting notes: nougat, chocolate, figs, red grapes,  pear

Sitio Vargem Grande is a beautifully kept farm.  Farm owner Rosimeire and her husband Carlos grew up in coffee producing families and practically inhereted their knowledge and passion for coffee.  Coffee has been very important for the whole family as it is the work that has facilitated a better future for their family.  They take a lot of pride in their work and are very proud of the quality of their coffees.  Their challenge is to find the right market of their coffees and to capture the younger generations interest in being specialty coffee producers.  Rosimeire and her team are also experimenting with different fermentation techniques.
This particular lot went through a traditional natural processing.  It is full bodied with low acidity and flavour notes of nougat, figs, red grapes and pear.  It will make you great espresso as well as sweet filter coffee!