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Nano Challa is a cooperative and washing station, established in 2009. They were the first washing station in Agaro.
We have more or less been buying their coffees since 2013.
This specific area has recently established a reputation for very unique, flavour intense and spiced coffees. 
The cherries for this lot are selected from smallholders with less than 3 hectares per farm, mostly from farms located around 2000 meters above mean sea level. They use ecopulpers and barely ferment their coffees. After pulping, the coffees are soaked under clean water overnight before they are dried on raised tables.

This is a beautifull and elegantly structured coffee with great clarity and a juicy lemon acidity. Flavour notes of peaches, lemon, white grapes, honey and black tea.
cupping score:88

Region: Ethiopia, Agaro
Producer: several smallholders
Process: washed
Variety: mixed heirloom, grade 1
Tasting notes: peach, lemon, white grapes, honey, black tea