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Buku Sayisa is a coffee that first caught our attention in 2019, in a very big way! This year is no different. This lot expresses such amazing clarity, crisp bright fruit with layers of florals and complexity.  We just can't get enough of this delicious coffee!

Buku Sayisa means blessed valley and is the name of the valley in which the site is situated. This area of Hambela Wamena is some of the highest altitudes for coffee growing, at around 2350m am
sl. The farmers deliver the coffee cherries here on horseback due to the uneven terrain around the site.
cupping score:87,5

Region: Ethiopia, Guji, Hambela Wamena
Producer: several smallholders
Process: washed
Altitude: 2000-2550m amsl
Variety: wolisho, dega, grade 1
Tasting notes: peach, strawberry, lemon, jasmin