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Region: Nyamasheke
Producer: smallholder farmers
Process: honey processed
Altitude: 1700-2000m amsl
Variety: red bourbon
Tasting notes: apple, almond, brown sugar, grapes

Karambi washing station has very high quality standards.  After purchasing the coffee cherries from the smallholder producers, the Karambi washing station sends the cherries through a strict sorting process.  First, washing station staff remove any lower quality cherry through flotation.  Secondly, a specially trained staff visually inspects the remaining cherry for any visual defects.  Consecutively the cherries are pulped using a disc pulper and then placed in thin layers on raised beds to sun dry.

This particular coffee is sweet and well structured with a velvety mouthfeel! It has fruity notes of red apple and grapes which are balanced out by undertones of almonds and brown sugar.