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Jaguara is a farm where we have been buying coffees from for more than 5 years now.  At Jaguara they pay a lot of attention to sustainable practices, the environment, social benefits for their workers and are continuously  investing to improve the future quality.
All the coffees at the farm are naturals, picked by hand and dried on a cement patio. The producers have invested in African Beds in order to improve the future cupping results.

The coffee cherries are processed using a natural process and an anaerobic fermentation for 86 hours, which gives the coffee an incredible freshness and tropical fruity notes, with sweet milk chocolate and nutty undertones.This balanced coffee is suitable for both a fresh and sweet filter and for an extremely creamy and rich espresso.

Region: Brazil, Minas Gerais
Producer: Natalia and Andre Luiz Garcia
Process: anaerobic
Variety: yellow bourbon
Tasting notes: milk chocolate, hazelnut, tropical fruits, sweet lemon candy
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