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This is the third year we buy Peruvian coffees from this region and they taste better than ever! Complex, sweet, juicy, with a lingering finish!

This specific lot is made up of coffee from 27 producers. They are smallholders with 1 to 3 hectares each and are located in high altitudes close to the village Rumpite in La Coipa, in the north of Peru.  La Coipa is in the San Ignacio region, one of the main producing regions in the north of Peru.  The producers are part of a coffee quality program and are all organic certified.

Region: San Ignacio
Producer: 27 smallholders, La Coipa
Process: washed
Altitude: 1600-2100m amsl
Variety: bourbon, caturra, catuai
Tasting notes: vanilla, marsipan, plum, cherry, blackberry