• !NEW! BENSA DIIMA, Ethiopia

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    Sidamo is a well known region for most people. That said, with the privatisation of the coffee industry in Ethiopia over the past 2 years, new areas and municipalities or sub regions have been developing. Some cross over from Sidamo to a lesser known region called West Arsi.
    The latter has been a special interest of ours. Bordering the national park of Bale Mountain, the variety of profiles has been astonishing. Bensa is located in between the borders of both regions.
    This coffee really popped out on the table when we cupped the first stock lots. It is intensely tropical and blackcurrant like, with great balance and acidity, high level of sweetness and complexity.

    Region: Ethiopia, Sidamo/West Arsi
    Producer: several smallholders
    Process: natural
    Variety: mixed heirloom
    Tasting notes: black currant, mango, tropical fruit, orange


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