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    Stunning coffee, full body with chocolaty notes upfront.  When it cools down it brings out the more delicate fruity notes of apricot and orange.

    Enrique Ferrufino was born and raised on a coffee farm in the mountains of Matagalpa. Together with his wife Silvia he bought Finca Aurora coffee  farm in 2004.  they inspired their  three children a love for coffee  from a very early age.  Since they acquired Finca Aurora, the whole family has worked together to produce this outstanding coffee, using only biodynamical methods.
    One of the core values of the business is to inspire people through coffee. Throughout the years they have invested in providing workers with fair wages, safe living conditions, health services, food and education.

    Nicaragua may not be the most famous producer of Central American coffee, but it has great potential. The country is known as the land of ‘los lagos y los volanes’ (lakes and volcanos) and has many coffee growing ‘pockets’ that few have heard of or experienced. Many producers in the country are experimenting with new varieties and processing methods, making it a specialty origin to watch!

    Region: Nicaragua
    Producer: Enrique Ferrufino
    Process: natural
    Variety: catuai, caturra
    Tasting notes: dark chocolate, dried apricot, orange marmalade

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